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It all started with a man with some cash and a dream, the son with a culinary gift and mixology insight, and the daughter-in-law with some food allergies and a passion for nutrition. Dave wanted to run a business, Zach wanted to make delicious recipes, Sydney wanted to help people, and BAM!  Superior Nutrition was born – the winning combination of brains, brawn, and beauty.


Dave is the boss. Dave has been almost everything you could think of whether that be a skiing instructor, a ski patrolman, a professional tennis player, a martial artist, a pilot, a mechanic, or an owner of multiple small businesses. When he's not playing his guitar or munching on Peanut M&M's, he loves chatting with his customers and making sure they love their experience here.


Zach is only around on the weekends, but he is the wizard of flavor. If you see any fancy specialty shakes or teas hit our social media, that's because someone turned him loose behind the counter. Zach played professional tennis with Dave as his coach. Zach loves computer games and picking up heavy weights and putting them back down in the gym. 


Sydney is the nutritionist of the bunch. She has four food allergies herself, and she loves helping people find ways to incorporate good nutrition into their lives. Sydney has worked as a chiropractic assistant, a personal trainer, and a nutritionist. She loves riding horses, painting, and beating all the boys at pullups.

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